Welcome to the Moselle Valley!

This website provides information for your cycling holidays in the Moselle Valley in France, Luxembourg and Germany. We regard the Moselle cycleway as the perfect choice for recreational cyclists of all age, particulalrly for wine lovers and people who look for uniquely safe cycle paths. The countryside is just terrific. Have a look at pictures, taken in diffent seasons during the year.

The Moselle Valley is easy to get to. There are international airports nearby. Some cyclists even arrive by car. And trains take your bicycle in case you have to get back to the start.

Feel invited to browse the different topics that you find on the left. Specific information for the two most important section of the cycleway can be found at the menu above. In case you are missing anything, please contact us and ask! (Bear in mind: As this is a spare time project, we might be unable to answer right away. But we will try our best.)

Moselle vs. Mosel: What's right?

Don't get confused with the different names. It's all the same river. While the French call it 'Moselle', people in Luxembourg call it 'Musel' and Germans call the river 'Mosel'. So don't be surprised about the different writing when cycling the Moselle. Enjoy the scenery.