Cycle tour operators in the Moselle Valley

Here you find a list of tour operators who offer cycling holidays in the Moselle Valley. If you don't want to organize a cycle tour yourself, they will be happy to assist. They often provide different tour packages, varying in length, daily mileage and qualitiy of the chosen accommodation. We do not recommend any particular operator, nor do we get any commission.

As you will find out, the offered tours usually cover the part in between Trier and Koblenz. Some trips include one or two days along the Saar River which contributes to the Moselle a few miles before Trier.

Selft-guided cycling holidays

  • Velociped: Offers about a dozen trips between Trier and Koblenz (both Germany).
  • Mosellandtouristik: Another local operator of self-guided cycle tour along the Moselle in Germany.
  • Mosel-Rad-Tours: Sells barge-based cycle tours on the Moselle (additonally to the usual self-guided tours).

Guided cycling holidays

  • Mercurio Bike Travel: Picked the most scenic sections along the river for it's trip. Guided city walks and visits to vineyards are included.
  • Austin-Lehmann-Adventures: The US-based tour operator offers a six days/five nights itinerary from Luxembourg (near Trier) to Koblenz.
  • Vermont Bike Tours: Offers a bike-and-barge tour between Metz (France) and Cochem (near Koblenz). Up to 24 guests fit on the barge.