Getting there

Getting to Trier

By train: Getting to Trier by train is quite relaxing. There are trains from and to Koblenz (East), Thionville (South), Luxembourg (West) and Cologne (North). Particularly the regional trains from Koblenz might appeal to you. They take 90 to 120 minutes one-way and cost about €24 only. It gets even cheaper if you travel on a Rheinland-Pfalz-Ticket (currently €24 plus €5 for every additional traveler, up to five only). Take along your bicycle for free on all regional trains (RE/RB/IRE/S-trains) if you travel after 9 am or on the weekend, yeah. Train information can be found on

By air: Nearby international airports are Luxembourg Airport (LUX), Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (HHN), Frankfurt Airport (FRA) and Köln-Bonn Airport (CGN).
via LUX: [information will follow]
via HHN: [information will follow]
via FRA: [information will follow]
viaCGN: [information will follow]

Parking in Trier (long-term)

You may get to Trier by car or by motorhome. If you want to leave your vehicle in a place being (more or less) looked after, those are your options: For motorhomes, Camping Treveris offers a site for motorhomes only. It is situated next to the Moselle and the cycle path South of Trier. It is a 5 to 10 minutes ride on your bicycle to the city centre of Trier and to the train station. Your second option (15 lots only) is Wine estate von Nell (map link), situated a bit away from the crowds in the hillsides.

Cars can be parked savely at one of the many multy-storey car parks. We recommend Parkhaus Ostallee (address: Fabrikstrasse) and Parkhaus Basilika (underground car park, address: Mustorstraße 10) where you can buy a ticket for a week or two at reasonable prices (currently €40/€65). Unfortunately, the tickets are sold Mondays to Fridays, 8 am to 7 pm, at the City Parkhaus customer centre ("SWT Kundenzentrum", Zuckerbergstrasse 31) only. Don't forget to take your bicycle off the roof before driving in. Multy-storey car parks in Trier provide maximium heights of 1.90m (6.2 ft) and 2m (6.5 ft). Check before driving in! Keep in mind that regular, day-to-day parking ends after three days. Hence a ticket for long-term parking is mandatory.

Free 'P+R' parking is available as well. The car park is situated next to Treveris motorhome place. However, there is a parking fee when events take place at the nearby event centre. Check the dates.
(This place is published as a second P+R in Trier, but we have not been there yet.)